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From Downhill skier to TV reporter

After a terrible crash, Alex Köll ended his career prematurely, and Felix, who is aiming for the top after the severe crash in 2021, has now together with the Norwegian National Team set his sights on the Olympics in Cortina in 2026

Meet – Felix Monsén and Alex Köll (The Speed ​​Swede).

Interview with Alex

From Downhill skier to TV reporter. 

Alex, how is life after the real life (the downhill skiing life)?
Haha, it's very different. I love my new life, but I do miss that excitement in the stomach, the adrenaline, the feeling, and the challenge of pushing the limits, of course, I miss that a lot. 

Yes, you've kept up the same pace, if not a higher one now, than when you were an athlete. TV reporter, working in the real estate industry, and, not least, involved in RDBR. Can I ask why? Don't you want to take it easy after all the adrenaline rushes you've had? 
Hehe, I like to maintain a high pace; it's something that has stuck with me since my skiing days. Also, I didn't want to leave the sport completely after my career, so TV became a perfect way to stay involved. The same goes for RDBR, where I get to work towards skiing in a new way. 

During the World Championships in Courchevel, we saw you on TV every day, and suddenly you were the host during the first week, with no prior experience. How was that experience? 
As a former downhill skier, I love new challenges, even if it's not downhill skiing, that excitement is still there.

One thing we noticed is that you seemed to know everyone on the tour, girls, boys, athletes, coaches, managers, and volunteers. I know you're social, but even I wonder how that came about?
I had a few years outside the national team before I was selected, and during that time, I traveled around a lot on my own. So, I had to get to know a lot of people to organize and arrange quality training and setups. Plus, I'm not exactly antisocial; I like to meet a lot of new people and have a good time.

Final question, what are you looking forward to the most this winter?
Felix Monsen on the start line for his first World Cup race after the injury.

Alex and Felix have basically been like a married couple for many years and supported each other in all situations.

Interview with Felix
Back from injury

Felix, from 2nd place in the World Cup training run in Val Gardena to now, tell us what has happened? 
Well, it feels like I've undergone a complete makeover. When I crashed, I tore my patellar tendon, ACL, and meniscus. It involved three surgeries, three months on crutches, 400 days without skiing, and countless rehab sessions. It's been about 1.5 years, which has taken a long time and tested me in many ways. I've started training on the slopes again, had a whole summer of intense physical training, and I feel more than ready for a new season!

Okay, great. You'll be skiing with the Norwegians now as you're the only one on the men's speed team. What does the preseason look like? 
Today (Thursday), we're flying to Chile for a month of training at two different ski resorts, Valle Nevado and Portillo. Then, some downtime in October with a lot of physical training before the final camp before the first races in Zermatt-Cervinia starting on November 11.

What does it mean to you to be part of the Norwegian team with Kilde and Sejersted?
For me, this was truly the best solution when my teammates unfortunately retired last year. I become a part of a team with the world's best downhill skiers and competent coaches. Plus, I think my work ethic and skiing can contribute to good training sessions for the guys. Kilde also lives in Innsbruck, like me, which makes things easier for both of us, socially and logistically.

You mentioned that you live in Innsbruck. How is life down in the world's skiing nation? 
Living in a country where alpine skiing is at its peak is really cool. We downhill skiers are seen as somewhat like gladiators, and you're treated very well because of it. You can also see that Saalbach is going to host the World Championships in 2025, so the interest in alpine skiing is rising. Plus, it's a perfect place to live as it's close to almost everything in the Alps, with a great training environment, and I don't have to travel as much.

Speaking of Saalbach, what are your goals for this season and the future? 
Haha, well, for this season, it's definitely to get back into good shape where I'm competitive again and aiming for the top 30. Looking ahead, I'm really excited about getting on the podium at a championship. So why not Saalbach; I like the slope;)

Felix, I love gear and equipment, what are your top 3 ski gear essentials and why? 
Hmm, number 1 for me is definitely the skis and boots. It's crucial to have the best and fastest equipment on and under your feet. I work hard with Ziga and Atomic to get the best setup. Number 2 has to be the protective gear, my POC helmet and back protector, so I feel safe and can give it my all without worrying too much. Number 3 is the gear/clothing. The speed suit is crucial for me to be able to ski fast; it should fit my body like a car's body plate and be made of fast material. RDBR ski clothing is important to keep me warm and dry in all kinds of weather during training and competition so that I can perform at my best.